Emotional Release through Aromatherapy

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Presently, on my desk, I have Young Living’s Believe and Abundance Essential Oils.  For this season in my life, I find great influence and shift in my emotions as I pray for my year ahead.  I am looking forward to experiencing others like Clarity, Highest Potential & Transformation.  Although aromatherapy … Read More

Frankincense Essential Oil

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Recognized from the Bible as one of the 3 gifts brought to Christ when he was born, Frankincense (scientific name Boswellia carteri) has been used for thousands of years.  This oil is devine and having it included in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit is an absolute gift.  If you have … Read More

Purification Essential Oil

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So far we have talked about some of the popular single oils that Young Living offers in the all new Premium Starter Kit.  Purification is also an essential oil blend.  When I first started using essential oils, I didn’t know there were single oils, blends, or oil-infused supplements.  And I didn’t … Read More

Lavender Essential Oil

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You’ve begun to explore a very exciting addition to your lifestyle; pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Open your diffuser, read the directions (they differ) and plug it in.  Open your Lavender and inhale.  Give yourself a minute, slow down.  Just release everything; relax your mind.  Just breathe. Add 1 to … Read More