Oil-Infused Cuticle Balm

Caryn ChandlerDIY Recipes, Natural Beauty


The possiblities and use of therapeutic essential oils to care for our bodies naturally is so exciting. If you can think it, you can create it!  The really exciting part is that these products will not only meet a need, but also provide support that safely works with your body. … Read More

Keep Your Oil Flowing

Caryn ChandlerWellness


In this 2 part blog, I simply want to encourage you to keep your oils flowing. What I mean is begin to pay attention to your body daily and what it needs for support.  Stay attuned to how you are feeling and keep your essential oils nearby.  When you choose … Read More

Lemon Meringue Sugar Scrub

Caryn ChandlerDIY Recipes, Natural Beauty


My daughter loves DIY recipes.   Honestly, can I say that I prefer it done for me. 🙂 I’m learning to love DIY though and I’m growing.  Whether it’s a DIY sugar scrub, toner, or moisturizer the really exciting thing about using Young Living’s pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in … Read More

R.C. Essential Oil

Caryn ChandlerGetting Started


This is the first blend of essential oils we have come to and what a gift to have this in your Premium Starter Kit.  R.C. has brought powerful support to my respiratory and immune systems.  For me, I just love the light and uplifting aroma.  R.C. is a therapeutic grade essential … Read More

Lavender Essential Oil

Caryn ChandlerGetting Started


You’ve begun to explore a very exciting addition to your lifestyle; pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Open your diffuser, read the directions (they differ) and plug it in.  Open your Lavender and inhale.  Give yourself a minute, slow down.  Just release everything; relax your mind.  Just breathe. Add 1 to … Read More