Why Use A Replicated Website

Replicated Sites vs. Custom Build Sites

First of all, a ‘replicated website’ is a type of website, generally quite opposite of a custom-made website.  It’s pre-made and can be used by a lot of people who can modify parts of it to make it unique to themselves, but overall it delivers the same information and functionality to all users.  This is the type of website a number of large insurance companies offer their individual agents.  A replicated website is what YLDist.com offers.

How it Began – My Story

YLDist was my idea because I found myself needing a website solution.  See, I am luckier than some because I have a son who is a professional website designer by trade.  So the question is, then why did I go toward a replicating website and not just have him design and build a professional custom website for me?  The answer is simple yet very important.  Duplication equals success in network marketing and this type of business (network marketing) is not like any other type of marketing.  This type of business success absolutely depends on success-duplication.

Becoming Massively Success in Network Marketing

In network marketing DUPLICATION is KING, which is saying it mildly, and your Young Living business is network marketing.  There is one common thread that runs through all massively and even moderately successful network marketers and they have all applied this simple piece of knowledge.  They only do things that others can duplicate (meaning others can easily do what they are doing).  The power of ‘duplication’, is the absolute cornerstone of success in network marketing!  I will even go so far as to say that if you are not making it easy for someone to duplicate your efforts, your business is doomed to fail.

Let’s put this in simple terms because it’s critical to the successful building of a team of people who are themselves successful, and after all, if you don’t have a successful team then you are not ever going to become a royal crown diamond with Young Living, let alone reach executive level.  Duplication needs to be well understood and you need to be doing something that everyone can do, otherwise, they look at what you’re doing and think to themselves that they couldn’t do that, or that they couldn’t afford that etc.

Custom Website Failure

In the beginning and with my son’s help, I did create my own professional custom website, knowing full well better, but mostly because I wasn’t interested in building a huge Young Living business, I simply wanted everyone I know to learn about these oils and use them.  However, the next thing you know (by default of loving the oils to the point of addiction) I started having a team building up wherein some of them wanted to build the business.

Following that, people on the team starting asking if they could get a site like mine.  Well, the cost and time involved in putting together a custom site for all of them was prohibitive, so I ended up making a ton of changes to my site that could accommodate my team builders too. However, the team soon grew and it started looking very unprofessional and sort of “MLM” like.

I shopped around for replicating Young Living websites and for various reasons they didn’t fully meet my needs – I couldn’t even get one of the sites to update the ‘Everyday Oil Collection’ with the new kit, in fact, I couldn’t even get an answer to a single email to them.  So, realizing that I had a responsibility to those who joined my team and wanted to build a business, I went to my son and proposed a way that I could get him on board to build a replicable website – with the idea that he could offer it far and wide and not just our little team.  It took 3 long months and what was born out of this need has turned out to be awesome and I’m proud to say a lot of people are as happy as I am that YLDist has come on the scene!

Duplication is king and it starts as basic as your website choice.  Remember, I said it starts there because a website is never the only thing you need in network marketing to be successful, however, if you don’t have a website you will not come off as professional.  So at the very least, you should always have a website and a business card…that is the foundation.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR –  Spanning the past 24 years, Meshell Little has been very successful in network marketing.  She has built several large and lasting organizations in MLM and has created success in others along the way.  She has learned that helping others succeed is the only way one can truly succeed in network marketing.