What Makes Our Marketing Sites More Effective?


Marketing Websites are Not Created Equally

Believe me when I tell you that websites are not created equal, not by a long shot!

Nowadays, nearly anyone can slap a website online in a few days, or even a few hours. A highly alluring sales page showing you that a lot of bells & whistles go with it. The site designer might even be a professional website designer. The difference between those sort of websites and your YLDist.com Young Living marketing site is critical; prospect usability.

That is a very exact thing.

Most folks completely miss this one single, most important factor when they are looking for a marketing website for their Young Living business and this is understandable because if you were not trained in this particular expertise you wouldn’t know what you were looking for or know that it is important.

A Properly Designed Marketing Website is Crucial

YLDist’s website designer is a highly trained & experienced expert in website “usability design” and for you to have a PROPERLY DESIGNED marketing website is crucial.

usability_graphic (1)YLDist.com websites are not thrown together. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching and understanding how to build websites that help you get results. Proper design and flow of the website (how the user interacts and what information is presented to them, and when it is presented to them) is the key between making a sale and losing a prospect.

We have the added benefit that we have thousands and thousands of website owners and we are able to track their website visitors’ “flow”, then read and extrapolate this information to make tiny adjustments based on our skilled expertise on the subject of usability and website design.


YLDist.com YL Marketing Websites Are Expertly Designed

So rest assured that your YLDist.com Young Living marketing website was designed with the information and buttons being in the exact right places to produce a flow that is easy for your prospects to get through the information seamlessly and then sign-up. Having a website designed by a “usability expert” is one of the single most important elements, and it is rare since it is costly. Instead of hiring a usability expert, it is much cheaper to just add a lot of peripheral tools that people want.

With over 25 years of design experience, what sets us apart is that we listen to the standards of the industry as they change with the times. We base all of our website design on the newest standards of SEO and the current trends of design.

SEO means “search engine optimization” and is what is happening behind what you are able to see that causes search engines like Google and Bing to find your website and index it toward the top of searches!

Do Your Customizations Change this Expert Design Experience for your Prospects?

logo-designWe know our website owners love to customize their sites with different backgrounds, fonts and change the colors & shapes of their navigation buttons. That is totally okay, and we encourage this, however when you begin changing the width, body font (color, size or style) you will be moving further away from the “design” of the content and creating possible situations where your prospects do not behave on your site like they should.

Could you be unknowingly falling for “fancy tools” (yes, very useful and needed tools) over an EFFECTIVE marketing site?

Get Your YLDist Marketing Site and Experience the Difference

If you don’t yet have a YLDist website for your Young Living business building tools, we invite you to see a demonstration of what your site would look like (before you change it up).

Please go toGreat Logo Transparent www.YLDist.com and see the demo sites for these regions: US, CA, AUS, NZ, UK, EU.

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