Name: Lisa and Rob Grieve
Member #: 968760
Phone: (604) 308-5606
Hi there! My name is Lisa Grieve, welcome to YL4ALL.COM! I'd love to tell you a bit about me! In 2005, I quit my job as an insurance broker to become a stay-at-home mom. That same year, my cousin introduced me to Young Living, as I wanted immune system support, pregnancy support and support for labor/delivery. Young Living essential oils helped me fulfill one of my dreams of having natural home births. After our children were born I continued to be a product user sporadically over 7 years without knowing the full potential of essential oils or anything about the business opportunity. In fact, my account was about to go inactive when I received a call from our Young Living leadership support in the winter of 2012. They encouraged me to attend some classes where I learned more about the power of essential oils and the Raindrop Technique … AND was introduced to the business! The timing couldn’t have been better. Living with one income was becoming a struggle. Money was tight, and my husband Rob and I were living outside our means and were thousands of dollars in debt. In June 2013, Rob’s long-term job ended, and although he was able to quickly find work, we had a deep sense of financial uncertainty. Together we made the decision for me to begin building a Young Living business. I enrolled in the Essential Rewards program, became a product of the product, and committed to sharing about the oils to anyone who will listen. June 2013 is the month our lives changed. Rob and I attended our first Young Living convention and achieved the rank of Executive! I am building my business by connecting with other moms on social media. My business consists of home events, trade shows, markets, and care calls. I have personally enrolled over 50 members, 24 of whom I enrolled during a 30-day recruiting challenge. That same month, I reached the rank of Silver. We have a team of over 2000 members with over 100 new members enrolling each month! I achieved the rank of Gold in 2016, and in two short years, our Young Living business surpassed Rob’s income. We achieved the rank of Platinum in April 2017 and with each new rank, it creates financial security and exciting new possibilities for our family! When someone is passionate about something, they share their experience with everyone they know. The many people I have met through building my business have become lifelong friends. Combining the world leader in essential oils with the generous market-leading compensation plan, Young Living is an incredible opportunity for anyone desiring to enrich their lives with wellness, purpose, and abundance. We would love to have you join our team!

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