February 2019 News

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Feb newsletter

Happy February,  Love and self-pampering are in the air this month with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but 2019 is busier than ever! I have been using Eucalyptus on my Lavender Bath bombs and diffusing Thieves and Raven to keep my sinus clear this winter. And since I’m on the last week of a … Read More

Oh I Really Shouldn’t Have Ate That or That or That

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Ever wake up with morning after tummy trouble? That was me this morning. I’ve been digging myself into a food rut lately and waiting for it to bite me back. You know it’s going to come but what is it going to take to push you over the edge. Yesterday started off just like most days. I had my 2 … Read More

October Newsletter

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October Newsletter This season change has already thrown me for a loop! My daughter already has her fall sniffles going on. (If only she would listen to her mother.) If you are fortunate enough to not have been affected yet, don’t waste any time to get your wellness routine down pat so you can stay healthy this fall! Here is what … Read More