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Welcome to the Potions Masters Website!

I bet you thought this was going to be about how I'm a YL distributor blah blah blah. Nope. This is about how can I serve you? I've got life experience that I want to share. I tell me kids, you can't pull one over on me because I've probably already been there and done it.

A little bit about how I came up with the name "Potions Master". Harry Potter was around when my two oldest were in middle and grade school. Then the movies started coming out when my 2 youngest were in grade school. I had just discovered essential oils and was hosting little get together's with a few friends and all we talked about were the oils! We were so excited by our latest discoveries! We were learning all about essential oils and made our own blends and concoctions. My 2 youngest and a close friend, were right in that "Harry Potter" stage. They would tease us saying we were making magical potions and called us "Potions Masters". I guess I was Professor Snape! The Potions Master name stuck and just to spite them I kept the name for my Young Living team. I think it's a good fit since essential oils seem so magical to me and my tribe.

My story is more than 50 years long and is probably more common to you than either of us would like to think. Married young, Divorced, Single mom, Remarried, Under appreciated and under paid compared to the guys doing the same job, Self employed because that sh*t wasn't for me, Breast Cancer survivor, Traveling husband, Bored with my career and probably a million other things you can relate to. Those things that our minds and our environment tell us we must be a failure or they wouldn't have happened. Who's with me?

Man I wish I had my essential oils and oily tribe 35 years ago to help set my mind straight!

Guess what? I now know how to use the things that would have helped me all those years ago. Can I share with you the things that I would do differently now? All those things that made me feel like a failure. I want to teach and share with others how they don't have to feel like a failure when life happens. Think of what a wonderful place this world will be when we all forgive ourselves. These life events are learning opportunities. We learn about ourselves and others. It's only taken me a few decades to figure it out. I'll be sharing WWBD, "what would Billie do" in these situations if they were happening at this point in my life with what I've learned.

How can I help you today?

Billie Cornell

The Potions Master

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