Oh I Really Shouldn’t Have Ate That or That or That

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Ever wake up with morning after tummy trouble? That was me this morning. I’ve been digging myself into a food rut lately and waiting for it to bite me back. You know it’s going to come but what is it going to take to push you over the edge.

Yesterday started off just like most days. I had my 2 eggs for breakfast but then added a couple slices of buttered toast which I don’t normally have.

Not just any toast, but the yummy, organic, pumpkin with seeds bread that they’ve been having at our local Aldi. I knew I never should have picked it up in the first place. It’s really not as healthy as they make it sound. It’s so yummy though. Sweet but not too sweet and so good toasted, in fact, I like it better when it’s a little over toasted and the butter melts in to blend with that little bit of burn sugar.

Anyway, it was a bit too much and my stomach was too full. I did get my workout in so, all good. Right?

Then, my car needed a bath so I took it over to the local Fast Eddies around lunch time, which is a bit farther than I like but it really did need a good washing. When I got there the attendant told me that they were down for repairs but they would be able to wash it by hand and it would take about a half an hour. Well, I was there, I wasn’t going all the way back home without a clean car and there’s a Culver’s next door so I’ll just go get a quick lunch and it will be ready when I’m done. I meant to have a salad but when I walked up to the counter the Pork Tenderloin was calling me along with a side of fries.

Even though it wasn’t as good as it sounded, I still ate it anyway. Yep, even the fries. At least I didn’t have soda or a shake.

Why is it so hard to stop eating those darn fries and why did I keep eating the tenderloin even though it really wasn’t as good as it sounded? Don’t get me wrong, it tasted fine, it just wasn’t as tasty as my brain thought it would be.

My car was done and I headed home. OK, that was it for my bad food choices for the day! Right? Of course not! It never ends that way once it starts rolling.

What did we have for dinner? Chili, which would have been OK, if we had just stuck with that. It was home made and not even that spicy which is surprising since my husband made it.

But here’s where it took the turn for the worse. To go with the chili we had taquitoes and of course you have to have cheese sauce to dip your taquitoes in right. That processed cheese food is the best for making cheese dip. Hey, we made our own so it was only part of the way processed. Yeah, right. Why do we even try to go there?

So no surprise this morning when I woke up with my digestive system all out of wack. What a wonderful way to start off a morning. Too much time in the loo if you know what I mean. I had zero energy and just wanted to feel better fast. I had stuff to do.

Time to help my poor, abused digestive system.

I started off with a glass of room temperature water with a whole fresh squeezed lemon in it. It helps to detox my liver, kidneys and gallbladder from all the processed food that I had been eating not just the day before but for the past couple of months. Make sure you brush your teeth right after so that the acid from the lemon doesn’t stay on your teeth.

Then I went to my Young Living digestive support arsenal.
~ DiGize Vitality Essential Oil – 3 drops in a veggie capsule
~ Lemon Vitality Essential Oil – 2 -3 drops in my water every time I fill it up
~ Comfort Tone – 2 Capsules
~ Essentialzymes – 1 Capsule
~ Life9 – 1 Capsule
~ NingXia Red – 4 oz

Check out the product guide here for more details and prices.

Each of the above support the digestive system in different ways and with the way I had been abusing my digestive system lately, I needed it. I bumped up my normal 2 oz of NingXia Red because I figure I need all the antioxidant support possible with all the processed foods I had eaten the day before.

I was feeling normal again in about a half hour, went for a nice long walk on this beautiful fall day, then got back to work.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend abusing your digestive system this way everyday. No amount of supplements are going to be able to help if you don’t improve your diet and get the right food.

I’ll be going back to Keto again next week along with a 2 – 3 day detox. I need to reset my system. I find that when I start craving junk, it’s because I’ve been eating too much junk, especially processed foods. The sugar and chemicals that they add are addictive and I find lowering the amount of gluten I’m eating helps not only reduce my cravings but I have more energy.

Which of these supplements do I take regularly? Essentialzymes, Life9 and NingXia Red. Those are my go to for daily digestive support. I also take Multi-Greens, Super B, Super Cal and OmegaGize Young Living supplements daily. If you would like to get more information on these supplements, I have a private Facebook Group available with information on all the Young Living supplements. Just message me on Facebook, add me as a friend and I can add you to the group. You don’t have to be a member to be added.

You can get these supplements through Young Living. If you aren’t currently a wholesale member I recommend you start with the Premium Starter kit with essential oils and a diffuser which includes the wholesale membership. Add the Life9, a 2 pack of the NingXia Red and Essentialzymes to your order. These are supplements, which means you should be taking them everyday so go ahead and enroll in the Essential Rewards monthly autoship program. It saves you even more on your order and you can change it up every month.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have a great week!