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Some of you may have read my previous post telling you a little about myself and how I got started with my Essential Oil journey with Young Living. If not, you can check it out here. I’m not sure where I would be physically and emotionally without these amazing products right now. I love learning about all the amazing things these essential oils do and I use them every single day. They help support my physical wellness and emotional well being.

I want to encourage everyone to get started in their journey to a healthier lifestyle with Young Living essential oils because they are so amazing, so this month through the end of April 2018, I am offering a $20 Visa Gift card plus a free bottle of Young Living Essential Oil for those that become a new Young Living and Potions Master Member by purchasing one of our Young Living Premium Starter Kits. Plus my amazing coach is throwing in an extra surprise! I can’t wait to see what it is!

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Why a Premium Starter Kit? It’s the absolute best way to get started with your Young Living and Essential Oil journey.  Can you imagine how confusing it would be to pick out the essential oils you might need from the hundreds of singles and blends that Young Living offers? The Essential Oil starter kit, pictured above, allows you to learn with the most widely used essential oils and blends how to incorporate them into your daily life so that you get the most benefit. Why is that important? Because you will get the most benefits from essential oils when you use them consistently. Too many people think of essential oils like medicine and only think to use them when the want to fix something. That’s not the how essential oils are meant to be used. They are meant to support your physical and emotional health and using them everyday helps your body to do just that. I think of it like taking my supplements. If I take them everyday they work better.


Let’s start first with the most popular Premium Starter kit. For only $160 US Dollars you get a over $300 worth of products including a diffuser, which everyone needs to start in their oily journey, 11 essential oils including 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Thieves Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Panaway, Raven, Peppermint Vitality, Citrus Fresh, Digize Vitality, Frankincense and Stress Away. Plus a roller fitment that you can put on whatever bottle you want, 2 2oz NingXia Red samples, and 1 Oz Thieves Household Cleaner Sachet! All this for $160 minus your Visa Gift Card! You are saving $120 off of the retail price. But only through the end of April 2018!

The Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit is also available with several diffuser options. The Desert Mist, as shown here and the Dew Drop Home Diffuser kits are both $160. You can upgrade to the Rainstone Premium Starter Kit priced at $205 and the Aria Premium Starter Kit at $260. The Aria Kit is actually the best value. The wholesale price for the Aria is $232 just for the diffuser alone. With the Aria Starter Kit you are getting everything else for only $28! Personally I love all the diffusers. I have them all. The Aria is great for large areas like my great room. The Desert Mist is great for the bed room or living room because it is designed to run for 5 – 6 hours on the max setting and up to 8 hours on the medium setting. Yep, it will run all night. The Dew Drop is great for someplace you want a smaller diffuser to fit in like an office or small bedroom. The Rainstone is for someone that likes more of a contemporary look with all the bells and whistles.


One of the absolute best things I have done since I started using Young Living products is getting rid of as many toxic chemicals from my home as humanly possible in the 21st century. Toxic chemicals are everywhere and if you are still burning candles that smell like birthday cake or those nasty air fresheners you are adding toxic chemicals to the air in your home. The stuff that you breathe and the stuff your family breathes. Let the cleaning and detoxing of your home begin today with the Thieves Premium Starter kit. Once I discovered Thieves Household cleaner I was hooked. You’ll want to start their first. Replace all of your all purpose household cleaners with the Thieves Household Cleaner. It’s so concentrated that one bottle will last you several months. Use it to clean everything. Floors, windows, counter tops, bathrooms, everything! I even put a cap full in my laundry when it needs a boost. Everyone that starts swapping out their regular products with the Non-Toxic Thieve products falls in love with the fresh smell of Thieves. Purchasing the Thieves Premium Starter Kit gives you a savings of $91 retail! It also costs $160 and I’m my current April 2018 promotion includes the Thieves Premium Starter Kit. This kit includes, 15 ML Thieves Essential Oil Blend, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, 2 Thieves Household Cleaners, 2 Foaming hand soap, 2 Thieves Spray, 2 Thieves Hand Purifiers, 2 2oz NingXia Red Singles, 5 ml Stress Away and a 1 oz Thieves Household Cleaner Sachet!


Have you heard about the newest Premium Starter kits from Young Living? They now have the Savvy Minerals Makeup starter kits. I love this makeup! All natural makeup because what you put on your skin you should be able to put in your body. After all it’s getting their anyway right? Your skin is your biggest organ in your body. If you are putting toxic chemicals on your face everyday. You are absorbing those toxic chemicals into your body. Think of how much lip gloss or lip stick you’ve eaten in your life. Young Living’s lip gloss and lip sticks are the only that I’ve ever used that don’t chap my lips. There are so many videos to show you how to use this amazing makeup. I find it easy to use and experiment with.

There is a choice of 4 different Savvy Minerals kits. Cool 2, Warm 2, Dark 1 and Dark 4. I suggest you go on to the Savvy Minerals site to find your best match. Someone that is cool usually burns easily. A warm person will tan easily. I use the dark 4 foundation for eye shadow and eye brow liner. The Savvy Mineral Kit comes with a foundation, blush, 3 eye shadows, a lip gloss, foundation brush, misting spray and a 5 ml bottle of Lavender Essential oil. Plus a book that explains how to apply them. Savvy Mineral Starter Kits are $150. That’s a $121 savings over retail. Get the kit and then start adding to your collection. You’ll love the colors. I recommend getting the Savvy Minerals brush set. You won’t regret getting these amazing brushes.

Yes, this kit also is included in my April 2018 promotion. So this kit is really costing you only $130! That is a steal!

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Why join our Potions Master Team?

  • Personal coaching and support
  • Access to 3 private on-line Facebook groups
  • Access to 100’s of on-line educational recordings
  • An individual session with your assigned coach to go over your kit and how to use everything you get
  • Recipes
  • Classes
  • Local members have access to iTovi wellness screenings to help them select the essential oils and products that their bodies might find the most helpful
  • A loving, caring group of leaders that support your journey to wellness

Wholesale or Retail? Which is the best option for you?


  • Wholesale Pricing (24% discount on all products)
  • Eligible For Essential Rewards program (Earn free products, save on shipping and more
  • Eligible For monthly promotions
  • Eligible to earn commissions and bonuses (No obligation to sell)
  • Ongoing education and support


  • Retail Pricing
  • No obligation to sell and cannot earn commission or bonuses, cannot enroll another member
  • Not eligible for Essential Rewards
  • Full-Price shipping

Personally, someone that orders one or two essential oils occasionally isn’t getting the full benefit of essential oils. They just don’t understand how they work. Let’s get you started so that you can enjoy the wonderful world of essential oils. Just click on the Become a Member button above and you can get your order in today. I always suggest using Ground shipping. It will get to you faster and only costs a dollar or less more than the basic shipping.

How do you get your Visa gift card and essential oil? Once your new member order with the premium starter kit of your choice is placed I will be able to send you your gifts along with a welcome email and a personal call. It’s that easy! Remember, this offer is only good through the end of April 2018!

My next post will be about why Young Living. With so many essential oil companies out there you need to know why I believe Young Living is the right choice when purchasing essential oils.