Back to School the No Cray Cray Way

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Ok so maybe NO cray cray AT ALL is somewhat of an exaggeration…..running late, doing homework, yelling, crying…..and I’m just talking about me 😉 jk!  But seriously, it has been a rough first two weeks of school. The girls are adjusting to moving clear across the country, a new school, new friends and probably hardest of all being away from Mom and Dad all day. The 4 of us have been together every day for the last 3 months so back to school is an adjustment for everyone. I am all about making school as calm and painless as possible because none of us need more stress in our lives! ummm humm

There are some super easy routines to get into that help us keep things running as smooth as possible:

  1. I prep everything and anything that I can the night before. Set out clothes, make cold lunch, get backpacks ready, set the diffuser with some morning happy essential oils like Joy, Orange or Bergamot. And I have the girls help me with all of this. School prep should not be a one person job!
  2. Keep the kids healthy because ain’t no one who wants to use their sick days to watch puking kids. We apply Thieves essential oil to the bottom of the feet each morning to keep a healthy immune system, spray hair with Happy Head Spray to keep away uninvited guests, take our vitamins including Life 5 probiotic (which you can easily hide in chocolate milk or applesauce) and eat whole foods that fuel our bodies instead of bogging them down with a chemical induced fog. Happy Head Spray
  3. Ground and center the kids with something familiar to them. My girls loving wearing diffuser jewelry with their favorite essential oil in it. If they get scared, or nervous during the day when they are at school they can give themselves a mini pep talk or attitude adjustment (whichever is required) by smelling the oil on their jewelry (Frozen inspired diffuser necklace from Diffusing Mamas and leather bracelet from Sacred Arrow)Aprillia
  4. I absolutely hate that kids have homework. They were just in school for almost 7 hours, why in the world would they want to come home and have to learn more??? But since I’m obviously in no position to make a Presidential decree about this, I just try to focus and help them get it done. Diffusing oils that help with focus and concentration come in handy: Peppermint or Clarity are my favs. I would like to mention for the record that the sheer amount of homework that my 1st grader has is absolute insanity……
  5. Have a set bedtime and stick to it. Believe me I have heard every single excuse in the book. I have even seen a 5 year old take 30 min to eat one chocolate chip cookie because she knew that as soon as it was gone she had to go to bed – sassy little bugger! Diffusing calming and relaxing oils such as Lavender & Cedarwood, SleepyIze, or break out the big guns with Dream Catcher really helps them to clear their mind and get some sleep. Print

I hope that you can use or modify some of the ways we keep the cray cray away when it comes to school! What routines do you have in place to keep the school week sane?

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Wishing you peace and calm

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