What Rocked My World in 2016

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Yes, I do realize it’s already 2017, but these are just too good to not share… I’m sharing with you some of my faves from 2016. They were all new to me though not necessarily completely new, some things I’m just behind the times on haha! In no particular order because I seriously love them all and don’t play favorites … Read More

Unique Wooden Kids Crafts

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What kids don’t like crafts? My girls would do all things crafts all day long if I had the fortitude to endure that 🙂 Oh yeah, and someone to clean all the mess. But I have neither haha! Here are a couple of my favorite DIY kids crafts using good old wood that are not too messy, keep them busy, … Read More

Silky Hair Party

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It’s Friday night and we are having girl time! That’s right 🙂 Having just moved to Florida, we took full advantage of all that summer has to offer and that means beach or pool every day. By every day I mean 46 days straight baby; and some days required both beach AND pool 🙂 It took our youngest exactly eight … Read More

Our Family Do Over

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Imagine that you are standing at the back of a boat and the water is shark infested chaos (or any metaphor that yells at you to turn and run away) and it is more painful to stay on that boat than it is to jump in and experience something new and obviously really scary. Well that was me for SIX years. … Read More

Back to School the No Cray Cray Way

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Ok so maybe NO cray cray AT ALL is somewhat of an exaggeration…..running late, doing homework, yelling, crying…..and I’m just talking about me 😉 jk!  But seriously, it has been a rough first two weeks of school. The girls are adjusting to moving clear across the country, a new school, new friends and probably hardest of all being away from … Read More

Reach One Teach One

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Teachers – I truly believe that you can be empowered to go home from school at the end of the day as healthy as you arrived. Experience health and wellness amongst a classroom and even a whole school filled with snotty nose, don’t remember to cover their mouths and wash their hands kids. Choose your vacation days instead of having … Read More

Stop spending $ on toxic slime!!

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Dryer sheets/softener are THE biggest waste of money that people across the nation are being duped into buying. Just say NO to the cute little cuddly bear; he does not deserve your hard earned money! Yes, fabric softener makes your clothes feel soft, but according to EWG.org it is because they “coat our clothes with a slimy layer of toxic … Read More

Superfood Granola Bars

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Some may say that the word superfood is a marketing gimmick. The Oxford Dictionary definition states a superfood as “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”. I think of superfoods as those foods that pack a ton of awesome nutrients for your body, that when you eat them your body actually thrives, not just exists. These … Read More

To Stress or Not To Stress – That is the Question

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April is stress awareness month. Did you know that? Until recently I did not, but I think it is AWESOME that stress awareness has it’s own month…..it should have it’s own year! Because the first step of dealing with stress is actually being aware that you are stressed – haha! I know how funny that sounds. I really do, but … Read More

Fall in Love – February 2016 Promotions

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I’m going to start off with Young Living’s 10% off Premium Starter Kits (excludes Rainstone) for the month of February because this does not happen very often!! If you have been quietly watching from the sidelines now is the time to act! You can get a Premium Starter Kit with 11 essential oils and a Dewdrop diffuser for only $144! … Read More