Reach One Teach One

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Teachers –

I truly believe that you can be empowered to go home from school at the end of the day as healthy as you arrived. Experience health and wellness amongst a classroom and even a whole school filled with snotty nose, don’t remember to cover their mouths and wash their hands kids. Choose your vacation days instead of having to use sick days, or worse yet going to school sick because your sick days are no more…..

It is all about being proactive about your health and taking a little ME time. And it is 100% attainable, achievable, and yours for the taking.

There is a movement called Reach One Teach One and it is happening NOW. I am committed to Reaching One teacher and Teaching them the minor adjustments they can make to take a proactive approach to their health. That teacher would then Reach One and Teach One as well; passing on the love to yet another teacher 🙂 You see how contagious this is!! Together we can reach all the wonderful teachers out there who want to stay healthy this school year!! The wellness will continue to spread like wildfire! Once you shift a couple of key habits in your home, it will help elevate the wellness of your entire family!

If this movement calls to you, please send me a message or post a comment. I would love to help you achieve a perfect attendance this year!

Reach One

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