Stop spending $ on toxic slime!!

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Dryer sheets/softener are THE biggest waste of money that people across the nation are being duped into buying. Just say NO to the cute little cuddly bear; he does not deserve your hard earned money!

Yes, fabric softener makes your clothes feel soft, but according to it is because they “coat our clothes with a slimy layer of toxic chemicals.” Why are you spending money on toxic slime when you could be spending it on new shoes or an excellent bottle of wine? 😉

Ditch Fabric Softeners (1)

Don’t worry, I got your back – I wouldn’t hit you with a problem without bringing you an excellent solution. Wool dryer balls help to separate your clothes helping them to dry faster. So not only are you saving money not buying toxic slime, but also on drying time.


I do have a couple of tips from me, a seasoned dryer ball pro, for you:

  • To cut down on static try to dry like fabrics together. You may have to explain to your husband that means don’t dry bath towels with polyester gym shorts…
  • Miss having a scent on your clean clothes? We add Lavender essential oil about 2 drops on 3 balls each time we use them.
  • IMO the more the merrier. Dryer balls that is. I usually use 3-5 per load.

So where can you get these magical balls of wool? You can find them on Amazon, or if you like a DIY challenge you can make them yourself!! I am somewhat addicted to wool dryer balls and love making them in beautiful colors. I have quite a collection going 🙂

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