What Rocked My World in 2016

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Yes, I do realize it’s already 2017, but these are just too good to not share…

I’m sharing with you some of my faves from 2016. They were all new to me though not necessarily completely new, some things I’m just behind the times on haha! In no particular order because I seriously love them all and don’t play favorites 😉

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1. Au Naturale makeup – This year I really tried to focus on cleaning up my face routine. I have made healthier makeup choices since, well since I started wearing makeup. But this is an area where I think you can continuously improve and there are a ton more choices available now. It makes me super giddy that more focus is being placed on non-toxic alternatives!!

I came across Au Naturale makeup because it is actually made in Green Bay, Wisconsin close to where we used to live. I just had to give their makeup a try because they don’t use coconut oil which is in a ton of natural makeups but is not the best for my face. And they are a small business = Bonus!!

Some of my favorites include: creme concealer in Buff, creme foundation in Mallorca, creme eye shadow in Saddle, and lipstick in Spanish Rose.


2. Instant Pot – I feel like a true adult when I am happy about kitchen appliances!

This is not just a pressure cooker people – no – it is the cool, hip new pressure cooker that works like magic! It is a procrastinating, thinks they plan ahead but never really does, workin mama’s ticket to dinner before 7!

Roasts cooked to tender perfection in an hour or less, veggies steamed and delicious. Some over achievers have even made bread, yogurt, and cheesecake in theirs, what?! I mean I haven’t, but I have seen pics of the moms who have it all together and have 😉 Some of my favorites to make are whole chickens in about 30 minutes and meatballs in like 8 and I’m not exaggerating!

It is seriously a craze and if you haven’t gotten on this crazy train you best do so pronto!

Pictured: potato sausage soup & quinoa

Berkey Berkey same size

3. Berkey Shower Head – Most of us think about the water we are putting into our bodies but what about the water that we stand in – hopefully daily – to shower with? I for one didn’t give it a second thought until I watched one of Dr. Jim Bob’s amazing videos and learned that when you shower in bad water it is even worse than drinking it. Why? because it is likely hot and steamy (the best kind of shower am I right?!) so you are breathing it in and your pores are open and absorbing it. Mind blowing right?

As soon as I learned this I set out to find a great filtering shower head since we aren’t in a place in our lives right now to buy a whole house system. What better place to look than a brand that I trust to filter the water I drink!

Berkey has a shower head that has two settings, the water comes out with a great amount of pressure (so thankful because that would have been a deal breaker for my husband) and it was super easy to install! Oh and your hair feels amazing too 😉


4. Squatty Potty – because if by this point you haven’t already decided that I’m a unique individual this 2016 game changer will be the clincher! I received this little gem from a dear friend – isn’t it absolutely wonderful when you have friends as cool as you haha!! and it has forever changed the way I do #2. Have you seen the cute little unicorn and his hilariously offensive video explaining how if you sit at the right angle you can have the best poop of your life. Guaranteed.

5. Apple Watch Series 2 – See, I am cool – even after talking about the Squatty Potty! This watch was a gift for reaching the rank of Gold in Young Living. KristineSomething that only .1% of all Young Living peeps reach!!! An achievement that I and my amazing team has worked really hard for. But we are not done! We are going to keep on talking all about essential oils and toxic free living and how it has rocked our world, isn’t rocket science and how it will rock your world too!

Back to the watch – haha! It keeps track of your heart rate, calories, fitness goals. It has a built in GPS so you can use it to go out on bike rides and don’t have to take your phone with you. But the best part is that it integrates with my iPhone. I mean of course it does right! I can answer calls with my watch, reply to text messages and even ping my phone when I lose it. Which is like every 15 minutes. 🙂

6. Sulfurzyme and MultiGreens Supplements – I always used to think that supplements were a total waste of money. I mean I eat well, like really well. Organic and whole foods that should give my body all of the nutrients it needs right? Nope, I was wrong. The reality is that most of our soil is really depleted of nutrients and the soil is where the plant gets most of its nutrients. Even if you eat healthy you should really look into supplementing the nutrients you need. I can soooo feel it when I do not take my supplements – usually not the supplementsday of but for sure the day after. I feel tired, worn out, bloated, cranky – it’s really not pretty… These are not the only two supplements I take every day but they are two that I added to my regimen this year. These supplements come from Young Living, a brand I trust to have quality products. Which is super important because not only do you not want to be taking vitamins with nasty
ingredients but you also want to take ones that work and digest properly. My nutritionist said the most drug store multivitamins don’t digest properly, in fact she has done ultrasounds on people who had a weeks worth or more of undigested vitamins just hanging out in their body. um yuck!

Sulfurzyme is a MSM supplement. It does wonders for my hair and nails but that is not the biggest benefit – google MSM and what you find will blow your mind.

MultiGreens is all the greens you need in one day because let’s face it that does not always happen. Am I right? It help support a healthy circulatory system but the biggest thing it does for me is give me more energy.

7. Elizabeth Sarah Collections necklaces – Beth has such an eye and talent for the jewelry she creates. When I met her a few months ago and saw some of her pieces, I just knew I had to have one or more for myself <3 She designs and hand wraps all of her pieces out of her home office. She is a fellow #ladyboss who I am proud to shop small and buy local from! Beth 2 Beth







8. Paddle Boarding – No, I haven’t purchased one, yet…. but I did go for the first time ever with a group of friends and it was nothing short of amazing! I didn’t even fall in!! The core workout is awesome (I want to work up to doing yoga paddle boarding but I’m sure I won’t be as lucky about falling in during that endeavor). We even saw two dolphins feeding right by us! Like reach out and touch close! If you are in the Jacksonville FL area and want to give paddle boarding a try I recommend Jax Surf and Paddle and they even have some Elizabeth Sarah Jewelry there!!!

It is never a year of just things, it is the experiences that make it the most memorable. 2016 was a big year for me, like a massive amount of experiences. I talked about it a little bit in Our Family Do Over post… There was a ton of change – more than I was comfortable with, but many more things remained the same and some, like my faith and love of family, grew even stronger.

I can’t wait for you to try out the goodies that peaked your interest and hear what you think of them! Is there any must haves from your 2016 that I should try?

LOVE,  Kristine

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