Unique Wooden Kids Crafts

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What kids don’t like crafts? My girls would do all things crafts all day long if I had the fortitude to endure that 🙂 Oh yeah, and someone to clean all the mess. But I have neither haha! Here are a couple of my favorite DIY kids crafts using good old wood that are not too messy, keep them busy, and also teach a bit of patience.

Wooden Bracelets

There are instructions all over the internet for these wooden bracelets, all of which used boiled wooden craft sticks formed in a mason jar. Let’s just say I was slightly irritated to find out that method doesn’t work….. Kids wrists are just simply not that big. Adults wrists are not that big…… My husband came to the rescue with a new plan to save my sanity and this craft project <3. So here is our version of how to make wooden bracelets!

Materials Needed:

wooden craft sticks
stove and pan to boil water
2″ diameter section of a PVC pipe – you can get a small section of this cut at your local hardware store
zip ties
sand paper
paint, sparkly glue, embellishments


  1. Boil wooden craft sticks in water for about 30 minutes until they are pliable. Tip – you will want to prepare more than you actually need. This is not a perfect science and there will be bracelet casualties along the way.
  2. When they are soft enough to bend a bit let them cool just enough that you don’t burn yourself for this next step.
  3. Bend them around the PVC pipe and secure them in the middle with a zip tie. Tip – it is really helpful to have two sets of adult hands to do this part. The sticks are still hot and the zip ties need to be fairly tight. PVC
  4. Now this is where the lesson of patience comes in 🙂 The wooden bracelets need to dry completely before you cut them off the PVC pipe. It took ours about 6 hours in front of the fireplace or if it’s summer in Florida just set them outside haha!
  5. Once the bracelets are snipped off the pipe with a scissors check them for any sharp splinters and sand those off.
  6. They are now all prepped and ready for the kids to decorate them! I recommend putting them on a paper plate so the decorations don’t get everywhere – who am I kidding? They will get everywhere, just accept and embrace it 🙂 Bracelet

You can also put a few drops of essential oils on the backs of these bracelets! Try Lavender for calming or Thieves for immune support. Add more drops as needed. I only use Young Living Essential Oils for my family because of their superior commitment to quality.

Seashell Picture Frames

There is just something about seashells that soothes the soul. Even if you don’t live by the ocean, you could adapt this with rocks that the kids have collected. I used to collect rocks when I was little and set them in tiny piles by the back door 🙂

Items needed:

wooden picture frames
hot glue gun
washed and dried seashells in a variety of sizes and colors


  1. Prep your frame by removing the back and glass so you are just working with the outside wood part. This helps to avoid getting glue on the glass 😉
  2. Start from one corner and work your way out. Tip – we started with larger shells and then went back and filled in with smaller shells.
  3. Glue around the outside of the shell. If your kids aren’t well versed in using a hot glue gun you may want to do this part.
  4. Place the shell on the wood frame and hold firmly for a couple seconds.










What are your kids favorite crafts? Give these a try and let me know how they turned out!

Be creative and have fun!!



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